Tourism Development Corporation

whg-2 sign-1

The Tourism Development Corporation has once again offered to fund several infrastructure upgrades and repairs.

      1. Repair the signs within the Gully


      2. Provide a fountain for the pond


      3. Donate plants to beautify the front garden


      4. Repair the look out fencing


      5. Repair the benches


    6. Up grade the garbage bins


Native Plant Project

The Ministry of Environment and Drainage have continued the funding of the Native Plant project. It would be expanded to include:

1. Conduct conservation research of flora and fauna found at WHG with surveys and species selection.

2. Continue the Native plant restoration project by;

o Collecting native plants,

o Prorogating native plants

o Displaying the living collections in an educationally useful and attractive setting that enables people to enjoy and appreciate the plants at WHG.

3. Expand research on the fauna in WHG, especially concentration on the smallest snake

4. Record and have available data collected as valuable informational resource for government, industry, science and the community.

Provide a regional and international focal point and resource for the conservation and protection of genetic stock for the western hemisphere and specifically the CARICOM region..