Duke of Edinburgh Students and Volunteers Programme

Community Outreach
Duke of Edinburg Award Scheme A twelve week volunteer programme for high school students. They come on Saturdays for genreral gardening work, painting, collecting Native plants, tours and more.

Duke students 2011

Collin Joseph
Johanne Echelmann and Lukas Echelmann
Chad Laurier
Jeremy Devonish
Ajani Daniel
Michelle Brathwaite
Deasha Dewane

Community Outreach
Duke students 2013

Jerod Thompson-Springer
Heather Walker
Aiden O’Donnell
Isabella Burnham
Krystal Rogers
Bekari Hall
Kammele Knight

Richie Faulkner (2013)

Richie started volunteering the gully in 2013, after a friend brought him to Welchman Hall Gully for a visit. Richie lives in Barbados part time, so when he returns to the island he volunteers once or twice a week by working on beautifying the Gully, planting trees, prorogating seedlings and other maintenance jobs. He decided to volunteer because he really likes Barbados and thought it would be a good idea to give back.

Martine Rene

Martine Rene from Martinique (2019)

Translation services. 

Community Outreach

McGill students (2008)

In September 2008, four students from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, as part of a course for three months, volunteered at Welchman Hall Gully. They built the nursery for the Native Plant Project.

Emma Brooks (2007)

The first volunteer at Welchman Hall Gully under its new management was Emma Brooks, a mother of three whose husband was working in Barbados for one year. She worked one day a week for just under a year. Her help, support and friendship was invaluable to the start of getting Welchman Hall Gully back in order.