Welchman Hall Gully is in the heart of Barbados in the parish of St Thomas.

From the South Coast

Get yourself on the ABC highway going towards the West coast. You will exit at the Clyde Walcott roundabout. Exit right going towards Jackman. Continue straight on this road for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Many times the road kinda forks right, ALWAYS stay left and head through the villages of Proutes and Clifton Hill, ignoring all right turns. Follow the road until you reach a T junction. Turn right and keep on this road, Welchman Hall Gully will be the first left turn. You will pass Judy’s Watering hole on your right, keep following the road ahead for half a mile. Welchman Hall Gully is on your left.

From the West Coast

Exit off the ABC highway at the Lawrence Johnson roundabout going into the interior of the island. You have gone wrong if you can see the sea. After exiting the roundabout, go right at the fork, then left at the stop sign. Then take the first right going up a small hill. At the junction take a left. Follow this very bumpy road for a good 5 minutes. You will eventually see Welchman Hall Gully on your right. There are plenty of signs on the light posts to help you.

How to find us from Bridgetown

Get on the ABC highway going Warrens, you will exit the highway at the Everton Weeks roundabout. Follow highway H2 for a good 10 to 15 minutes going towards Harrion’s Cave. Stay on this road, pass Harrison’s Cave on your right and continue follow the road. You will eventually see a rum shop called Judy’s watering hole on your right. Past it and continue until the next left turn. This is Welchman Hall Gully. There are many signs posted on lamp posts to help you.


GPS app please clink on Acc Nav – www.accu-nav.com/BajanNav

By Taxi

Negotiate the price before coming to Welchman Hall Gully, all taxi drivers will know where it is located. If you decide to take a Taxi,  it would be worth also visiting other attractions in the area; they are all located within 5 minutes of each other.  Hunet’s Garden is highly recommended.

By Bus


From Cheapside bus terminal, it is a 10 minute walk from the Cruise ship terminal, located next to the post office in Bridgetown,

Ask for the “Sturges” bus – the local people are only too happy to help. It’s $US2 (Bds$4) return and US dollars are accepted on board.

Admire the views, meet the locals. Enjoy the reggae!

The journey takes about 30 minutes. The driver will drop you outside the entrance to Welchman Hall Gully. A bus returns to Cheapside every hour or so.

Island Tours

Welchman Hall Gully offers private taxi tours to Welchman Hall Gully and other attractions on the island. Please see our Garden Tours section or contact Welchman Hall Gully directly.