Welchman Hall Gully offers internships to students who are interested in plants, conservation, environment and nature based tourism.

Areas of interest to be explored by students:

Native plant propagation a. Research b. Plant hunting c. Prorogation d. Relocation of native plants
Gully plant propagation
a. Plant survey
b. Collect and propagate plants
Landscape a selected area of the gully
a. Given a budget
b. Student design garden
c. Research plants d. Nursery research.
General work in the gully
a. General clearing of selected areas
b. Collecting African snails.


Interns At Welchmanhall In Barbados

Landscaper visits
Spend one or two days with other landscapers
Spend one or two days in other tropical gardens.
Visit other private and commercial gardens.
Train to be a tour guide.

The internship is a volunteer experience. Accommodation is at the expense of the student but it can be arranged by the coordinator. Transportation to and from the gully will be paid by Welchman Hall Gully and any other small expenses pertaining to working at the gully. Along with a great love for outdoors, plants and conservation the student will need clippers (secateurs), a hat, sunscreen and bug spray.

Contact Debra Branker at welchmanhallgully@gmail.com for more information.


Alicia Juge, Serianne Lehn

 2016: Camille Juvin and Florianne Duffieux, France (above)

2015: Jessica Hillman, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart and Katie Simmon. Barbados Interdispilainary Tropical Studies (BITS) field study Summer Semester, McGill University and Univeristy of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

May 2013: Raphael Casnabet, France

Ecole Nationale Superieure de la nature et du paysage, Blois:

May 2011: Charlotte Violanti and Victorine Lalire

May 2010: Emilie Sauveur and Celine Paillart

May 2009: Mathieu Cueff and Luc Dalla Nora


Aug 2010: Christin Erdmann

May 2011: Ole Dierben