The Monkey Project

Welchman Hall Gully teamed up with Action For Animals Barbados in 2018 to help reduce the conflict between the Green Monkey and farmers. There is no funding for this project and the work is carried out by volunteers.

The project is broken down into:

  • Research of monkey population and movements
  • Surveys with farmers
  • Planting fruit trees next to gullies and near farmers affected by monkey damage
  • Collaborating with overseas academics working on deterring monkeys from feeding on crops
  • Educating people about monkeys and their habits

Progress in 2019

Monkey Project volunteers have been planting fruit trees near gullies. In addition, the overseas professor has been working and collecting data on deterrents for the monkey.

Action for Animals Barbados

To educate, advocate and promote animal welfare; to achieve the highest standards of animal care in Barbados and to end negligence, abuse and cruelty by spreading awareness of the Five Freedoms for Animals.