Debra Branker

Debra Branker has been working in the field of environmental education since 1998.

When the lease came up for Welchman Hall Gully, Debra jumped at the chance to get the gully up and running as a prime nature based tourist attraction and to develop it as a biodiversity and education centre.

Cassandra Springer

Cassandra Springer was made manager of the gift shop in 2013.

She is a resident of Porie Springs, which is about a five minute drive from the gully. At first she may seem quiet, but just ask her anything and she will be more than happy to help you..

Neil Gill

Neil Gill has been working at Welchman Hall Gully since January of 2009.

He has been working with plants most of his adult life. A man of few words, he is also very fond of animals and rears many different farm animals, from cows, sheep and ducks.

Jaron "Tiger" Edwards

Tiger had been working on and off for years before finally making the Gully his full time job in 2016.  One of the nicest people who will meet, he will help you with anything.

Tiosha Branch

Tiosha, born and raised just opposite the Gully, is a full-time university student and part-time cashier on the weekends.